Winter Skin Care: How to moisturize your skin

Winter Skin Care: How to moisturize your skin

Winter season is here and we see a drop in temperatures, people have started pulling out warm blankets and quilts. Dry skin is especially common in winter months when humidity levels drop.

The cold weather changes your body in many ways. It makes your body vulnerable to several diseases like bacterial infection, viral infection, and skin problems.

In winter when the outside air is cold and dry, the water from our skin evaporates quickly that is why in winter our skin feels flaky, dry, and tight. Our skin loses more than 25 percent of moisture in the winter.

 The right moisturizer for dry and flaky skin can help to nourish the skin deeply, it calms redness and by improving its elasticity. Those with dry and flaky skin looking to change their skincare routine for this winter can turn to our E Mega Mart India winter care kit.

This winter care kit will help you prevent that uncomfortable unappealing result and by keeping your skin happy and healthy throughout the winter months.

Maintaining the moisture of your skin.

  • The natural oils in the skin protect and keep your skin healthy. It is advisable to avoid a long and hot water shower.
  • Vizigly Plus Transparent Bathing Bar Contains a high percentage of natural moisturizers, humectants, and skin softeners to keep your skin soft, supple, and hydrated.
  • The bathing bar is made up of wheat germ oil, aloe vera gel, and almond oil.  After bath does not rub your skin too hard just pet dry it.

Switch your cleanser.

  • When winter approaches it's a good idea to change your current face wash to a moisturizing face wash to avoid dehydration of the face.
  • Use Dwash Creamy Moisturising Face Wash which is a luxuriously creamy formula ideal for dry to sensitive skin.
  • Your skin pores will be de-congested by Dwash moisturizing facial wash, removing dirt and impurities, and making your skin feel more moisturized for naturally soft skin.

Use Moisturizing face cream:

  • After using face wash you need to use moisturizing face cream to help lock natural oil from the skin.
  • Use Lipidz - Ideal Facial Moisturizer to repair thin, weak, or damaged skin on your face.
  • Lipid replenishing cream helps to restore the skin barrier. It will provide all your skin essentials to keep your skin moisturize.

Moisturize your body skin regularly:

  • Switch to a lotion moisturizer for your body this winter. The lotion is easy to use and makes your skin happy.
  • Use Hydrofil Skin Moisturizing Lotion for a Hydrating Feel.
  • The specially formulated moisturizing lotion will help your skin moisture and protective lipid barrier with advanced non-comedogenic ingredients.
  • Use it for knees, elbows, feet, and hands that are particularly dry.


  •  In winter, indoor air can also be dry, so a humidifier is necessary to keep your home moist.
  • By running a humidifier, moisture in the air will help your skin to retain moisture.
  • You need to add moisture from the inside as well by increasing water intake.
  • You have to take extra care if you are suffering from psoriasis or eczema to avoid any irritants or allergens that will worsen your condition.

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