Tips of the Day

Practical Tips For Coronavirus Prevention, And How Not to Panic

  • 1. Social distancing is a pretty simple idea - we come into close contact with a lot of people, all the time. Hugs, kisses, the occasional warm breath of a stranger on your neck during your morning commute.
  • 2. One of the big things about infectious diseases is that they spread best when lots of people are around. In particular, this includes schools and workplaces, where children and adults are forced into small, sweaty rooms together.
  • 3. If you do get sick, isolate yourself from the family. Take precautions when caring for sick loved ones. Wipe down shared surfaces more often. Try not to let your kids stick their hands directly into your mouth quite so often.
  • 4. It's also important to remember not to blame people when they do spread the disease. There is no magic bullet against viruses like this, and even the best precautions will only reduce the risk. Apportioning blame may feel good, but ultimately it will only make infection control harder as people try to hide their symptoms from the ravening masses.