Before we go ahead, let’s take a minute to talk about how travelling affects your skin. Travelling creates havoc on your skin. Travelling is indeed stressful; Be it a family reunion, going on a weekend trip, or just roaming around the world. Trying to look good while we are travelling is pretty much our top priority. We are always worried about our skincare routine while travelling - prone to exhaustion, improper diet, ignorance, hectic schedule, and changing weather. These deadly combos work together to ruin that beautiful skin. So here are some smart tips to keep your skin healthy while travelling.



Bring a number of your favourite moisturizers with you, according to the weather you will have to provide moisture to chapped skin, dry lips, or cracked elbow depending on the weather. Choose moisturizers that contain natural and safe ingredients that will leave your skin healthy and hydrated.  While travelling, you may forget to drink water frequently. You may also be indulging in some alcoholic beverages which can lead to dry skin. Skincare routine while travelling isn’t complete without a moisturizer. It is a must for keeping skin hydrated and luminous.


While travelling, to keep oily skin from getting out of control; bring wet wipes with aloe extract and dab the "T" zone as often as necessary. Just dab up the shine and excess oil without stripping out the moisture, so can arrive looking fresher. Skincare routine while travelling shouldn’t be much more intense than usual.


To reduce under-eye puffiness after a long trip, use a hyaluronic acid product under your eye. This delicate skin near your eye requires even more love than the rest of your face. No amount of makeup can hide the puffiness and dark circles that come as side effects to long flights and noisy hotel neighbours; a hyaluronic acid product will make you look and feel immediately fresher.


Using sunscreen on your face helps to keep your complexion even. Sun damage is one of the many causes of uneven skin tones and daily usage of sunscreen helps to prevent those effects. One of the most obvious benefits of sunscreen is that it protects your skin against harmful UV rays. We all know the importance of wearing sunscreen. Whether you're out for a day in the pool or a weekend lunch with your friends, getting a daily dose of SPF in your morning makeup routine is highly recommended to your skin's health. Most of us don't realize that we need to protect our skin even when we're inside an aeroplane or sitting in the car for extended hours. The easiest way is to buy a travel-sized pack of sunscreen, one that can be carried around everywhere.


Skip foundation on the day of your trip, and instead wear a BB cream. Before you land, apply a tinted BB cream for a fresh, healthy look. Sudden travel plans are indeed the best way to travel the world. But if you think practically, women don’t get enough time to pack everything correctly. Now, what if I tell you that there is a way you can carry everything in one item? Be it makeup, moisturizer, or sunscreen; everything you need is present in a BB cream. BB creams are one of the most used products for skincare routine while travelling. This is the only skincare product that contains everything you wish to have.; moisturizer, primer, sunscreen, concealer, foundation, anti-ageing, and whatnot.



Apply intense moisturizer the night before travelling, in return, you will get fully hydrated skin.

To be on the safe side, it is important to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Your skin can rebel and break out if you are not getting enough sleep, so make sure to get beauty sleep.

Carry wet wipes with you. Enables quick and easy hygiene throughout the day, leaving your skin soft and clean.

Scroll on for our roundup of products that will suit every occasion you find yourself in; be it a party, daily routine, or a holiday trip. Following this skincare routine while travelling will give you gorgeous, well-rested skin even if you had a long-haul flight. 



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