Are you prone to getting ill often? Also, have you noticed why do some people tend to get sick more frequently than others?
The reason is scientific - Everyone has a different immune system as per their constitution. Immunity greatly depends on one's diet and daily habits too. Moreover, children and the elderly have low immunity and are thus more prone to diseases.

What is immunity? In simple words - a person's immunity is the ability to remain healthy in the face of certain diseases.
The immunity we have to viruses differs from person to person, which causes us to react differently to them.

How the immune system defends itself from viruses?

Your skin and saliva are the barriers to infection, and they are both components of your immune system. They contain cells of every tissue of your body, including your blood and brain. In some cases, these cells migrate around to respond to graze wounds. Other cells, residing in one tissue, monitor and help with the healing process. Your body's immune system expends a lot of energy to defend itself. Feeling worn out and achy, sweating excessively, and have swollen glands are all indications that your immune system could be busy fighting something.

Keeping an eye on your immune system is the key to making sure you remain healthy. A healthy immune system helps us fight off diseases and illnesses. It's hard to maintain immunity due to rising pollution, a modern lifestyle, and poor eating habits. However, we need to do our part to ensure that these factors do not adversely affect our health.

Here are some ways to strengthen your immune system:

Ample hydration
Water plays a crucial role in strengthening the immune system. Staying hydrated helps your body naturally remove the bacteria and toxins that cause infection.
Besides being essential for the body's normal functioning, it also helps remove toxins from the body. It is vital to drink enough water to rebuild strength in the immune system.

Healthy Eating Habits
A diet that is complete and balanced is key to improving immunity. It is important to eat fruit, vegetables, and cereals because they are full of vitamins and fiber. Some vegetables, such as broccoli and cabbage, produce a chemical that decreases the number of cancer cells and boosts immunity. Those who smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol weaken their immune system, so don't smoke. Do not drink alcohol.

Regular Exercise
Physical activity is an essential part of keeping your body healthy and active. Some ways to strengthen your immune system include brisk walks, jogging, or taking part in an athletic activity. In addition to genetic makeup, the immune system is also affected by environmental factors like stress, poor nutrition, lack of sleep, lifelong aging, lack of exercise, and related stressors.

Include Vitamin C in your diet
Vitamin C is often referred to as the immunity vitamin for a reason. A vital nutrient like vitamin C plays a critical role in numerous unique human functions and processes. Vitamin C can help your body heal cuts and bruises to aid the functioning of your adrenal system during stressful times. Different studies have found that Vitamin C found in pure form, also called L-ascorbic acid, strengthens your body's immune system. For instance, your white blood cells are essential to your immune system. In addition to making these white blood cells more productive, vitamin C also boosts their activity. It also helps your body to produce antibodies, which are essential for neutralizing invading bacteria. In other words, having adequate levels of Vitamin C in the body helps the immune system function adequately.

Follow these simple guidelines and build a super-strong immune system that wards off all types of viruses and infections. In case you are confused about where to start and how to go about it - talk to us and our experts will guide you on how to create a healthy lifestyle.


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