Are you experiencing discomfort from rainy itches?

The pleasant showers of July bring much-needed relief to all after the scorching heat of May and June. But as with all good things – this season too has its flip side - monsoon drizzles lead to a flurry of health issues, allergies, skin eruptions, boils, etc. The rainy season is characterized by excessive moisture and humidity, which increases the number of allergens and skin infections.


Here are some common allergies and skin disorders people suffer from during the rainy season and effective ways of controlling their spread. Eczema and acne Both men and women are troubled by breakouts of acne and eczema during this time of year. If left untreated, the allergy can become quite severe, although it is not life-threatening.


The solution to this problem lies in getting proper care and medical attention. In other words, instead of running to the salon to conceal the issue, it is recommended that you seek a skin treatment that can cure acne and eczema on the spot! They can be major causes of experiencing itchy skin during rainy season.


Skin Allergies Monsoon season is mainly known for its outbreak of skin allergies, particularly in urban areas with high pollution levels. Hands, upper backs, feet, and other exposed areas of the body commonly show these symptoms. In such cases, antihistamines are best for controlling and correcting allergy symptoms caused by rain.


Health experts say that your body produces histamines when it comes into direct contact with allergens, such as ragweed, pet dander, pollen, or dust mites. This can be a major cause of experiencing itchy skin during the rainy season.



Hyper-pigmentation is characterized by dull, dark patches of skin on the face. As a result of direct exposure to the sun, melanocytes become hyperactive, causing this skin problem. In some cases, melanin overproduction occurs even in the absence of too much sunlight (such as during winters and monsoon).


Laser therapy and medication

Laser therapy and medication can be used to treat the symptoms and signs of hyper-pigmentation. Scabies is known as an infection caused by mites, which causes intense itching mainly at night. It is extremely common in children because they get infected through touch. When one member of the family becomes infected, it easily spreads to the rest of the family members.



Lotions containing permethrin are needed for the proper treatment of scabies. Among the other measures that can be taken are to wash all clothing and linen in hot water with antiseptics and get everyone in the family to get treated at the same time. Rashes Due to an increase of allergens in the hair, the monsoon breeds different types of rashes. Allergic people often suffer from these rashes.


Below are some tips to keep you safe from rashes during the monsoon: They can be the major causes of experiencing itchy skin during the rainy season.

  • Do not keep potted plants indoors as they can trigger allergies.
  • Stay away from pets, as their shedding can contribute to allergies.
  • It is best to keep carpets out of your home as they breed dust and dust mites.
  • Maintain a clean house, vacuum it daily, and mop it to remove dirt particles suspended in the air.
  • Use a moisturizer after a bath to protect your skin and prevent skin rashes.
  • Wear a mask and long-sleeved clothing if you are in a dusty or polluted environment. Taking all the necessary precautions to prevent severe illnesses like malaria and dengue is essential, but preventing allergies during the rainy season is equally important. If you have any questions regarding monsoon skin problems, do write to us and we will be happy to help.

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